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    ELSNET is creating a technology roadmap for the field of Human Language Technology (HLT) and publishing it on the Web, to serve as a major resource for the HLT community describing the state of the art and a vision of its future progress. This vision will continously be extended, refined and modified by researchers and companies active in HLT.

    Technology roadmaps are never finalized. Hence, this web page provides a state of information that demands correction, refinement, and update. The scientific and industrial community is invited to comment on the roadmap and suggest extensions and modifications through public contributions to the moderated Roadmap Forum. ELSNET will compile suggestions and create new versions of the roadmap on this web site.

    Results from various roadmap workshops under the auspices of ELSNET will be included.

The ELSNET Technologies Roadmap contains the results of two ELSNET roadmap workshops held in 2000 and 2002.

Implementing the relevant parts of these papers INTO a roadmap required some additions not present in the papers. In particular, the authors were not as keen as to assign every milestone a date. Moreover, the lanes and their semantics as well as the classification of the milestones and relations between them were added.

Clearly, the work documented is indicative in the sense that no clear definition of the notion of "milestone" nor of what it means for a milestone to be available in a certain year was suggested.